Hall Facilities

Seminar hall
There is an exclusive round table seminar hall for seminars and conferences in the Mezzanine floor of the Library building. Simple in style but elegant in its looks, this hall has a total seating capacity of 50 persons. It is well equipped with a projector, a round table and a board for writing. There are two rest rooms attached to this hall as well as purified drinking water facilities within the hall. The hall is also wi-fi accessible.

Manresa Hall is a large hall with a huge professional stage and has a seating capacity of around 200 people at a given time. Well-lit and ventilated, this hall serves for many gatherings, including social and spiritual gatherings. Although there is no fixed projector in the hall, the facilities to use projectors are there. The audio system in the hall is truly good and so is the stage. There are two green rooms on either side of the stage with attached rest rooms. There are also separate rest rooms in the portico area.

Multipurpose Hall
Apart from both these halls, there is also a multipurpose hall which is used for smaller gatherings and get togethers. The place can accommodate around 100 people and there is also a dish washing place next to it. As the place is for multipurpose uses, the hall has only makeshift speakers and projection systems.

Dining hall
There is also a large dining hall for around 100 people. Simple in its presentation, the dining hall is used by the community each day for its meals but also accommodates others during seminars and conferences. The hall has a pantry and a scullery place. Hot food is normally served from a hygienic kitchen that is attached to the hall.

Other Facilities

The research institute has decent guest rooms and dining facilities for scholars who might be interested in staying for some period of time for research, or who visit the institute for conferences, seminars, and workshops.

While the institute can host around 40 people at a given time with simple bedding. The refectory can hold more than 100 people at a time and during large gatherings at conferences, the hall reaches its full capacity. The kitchen is known for his hygiene and Is well staffed. There are facilities for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.

Natural Exercises
There is a wide walking area for scholars who visit the campus and they can walk for long hours in the morning and in the evening.

Meditation Garden
The campus has also a unique element- a meditation garden. With around 40 varieties of herbal plants, the garden is unique in its design and nature symbols that also wait to be interpreted through religious symbolism.