Satya Nilayam Institute of Philosophy and Culture, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, now in its 33rd year of existence, has maintained a steady record of growth and excellence, and has several intellectual connections with the city of Chennai and others. Founded in October 1986 by the members of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as Jesuits, the institute is located in a sprawling lush and green campus, amidst plenty of trees and gardens. Its serenity and peace filled ambience cannot but be the right place to do serious philosophical research.

To seek truth, discovering forgotten wisdom, evolving new paradigms, challenging established ideas in philosophy and culture, for the sake of a world of harmony, is the vision of this institute. The promotion of harmony cannot take place without profound philosophical insights and such insights are deeply embedded in our culture. In a world that is struggling to maintain its sanity and sanctity, because of the multifarious influences of science and technology, shallow mindedness and superficial relationships with oneself, others, nature and God, philosophy can be an effective aid in assisting humanity to harmony.

The institute seeks to collaborate with every like-minded agent, in this noble task of rebuilding a new humanity, treading in the philosophical path. With renewed vision and clear objectives, the institute values this opportunity of the inspection to introspect and be reinvigorated to move towards the future. It aims at contributing to research, not for its own sake, but for the sake of a better world.

The reality of diverse cultures beckons us to interculturality, the presence of indigenous knowledge and wisdom invites us to delve deep into its richness and savor its taste, the fact of archaic and fossilized outdated ideas summons us to search for new insights so that we can live as meaning seeking humans. Basing on these ideals, the institute forges ahead.

We remain thankful to the University of Madras for its continued support and recognition of our works. We are aware of the motto of the University: “Learning promotes (one’s) natural (innate) talent” (Doctrina Vim Promovet Insitam) and drawing inspiration from it, we too seek to promote philosophical reasoning and the pursuit of truth and wisdom, which is innate in all of us.